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Who qualifies for “ObamaCare”?

Most Connecticut residents qualify for the Affordable Care Act. Eligibility rules for “ObamaCare” can be found on our blog (or you can call us for information). However eligibility for an ACA or “ObamaCare” health insurance policy does not mean that you qualify for a tax credit or subsidy.

About half of all Americans qualify for a subsidy if they do not qualify for Medicare, Medicaid or an affordable policy at work. If you qualify for a subsidy you must purchase an on exchange policy or you will pay full price. We can help you enroll in either an on-exchange or off-exchnage policy and can help you choose between all the options. (We are all certified brokers for Access Health. Access Health is the Connecticut Exchange or Marketplace.) Please call us at 203-374-3645 or visit our blog to see if you qualify for a subsidy.

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CT Medical Insurance - Low-Cost Private Medical Plans

The self-employed, students and anyone not getting medical insurance benefits from an employer can benefit from this website. You can get free instant medical insurance quotes online or by phone. We work with all the private health insurance plans approved by the Connecticut Insurance Department.

Personal or Individual Health Insurance for CT families and the self-employed is our specialty. Click here for: private medical insurance quotes for other states.

Call 1-800-INSURANce (1-203-374-3645 if not in Connecticut) or click above for pricing on any of the healthcare insurance options available in Connecticut:

We are Alston and Joel Balkcom (father & son). Our office is in Bridgeport, Connecticut but our toll free number, the Internet and today's technology allow us to serve clients in New London, Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk and every other city in our state. When you call us or request instant quotes online, you will get our unbiased opinion regarding the plans, since we are appointed with all of the individual health insurance companies. We look forward to helping you whether you are a recently graduating student, an early retiree or self-employed.

Group Health Insurance

CT Group health insurance quotes are also available through us. However, many of our clients who are self-employed or who have only a few employees will save by purchasing indivdual health insurance plan.

Insurance Rates for Other US States

Personal Insurance Quotes for health, maternity, Medicare Supplement, homeowners and other personal insurance plans are available if you are looking for some other kind of insurance besides Connecticut health insurance.

Business Insurance

Insurance for the self-employed is also available. If you are seeking health insurance for self-employed in Connecticut and believe that you qualify for both a group plan and an individual plan, the individual plan will probably be your best option. Group health insurance is typically much more expensive than individual medical coverage. We recommend group coverage for very small companies and the self employed only when they have significant medical histories that keep them from qualifying for an individual health insurance plan.

CT health insurance specialists.

We want to make this easy for you. We specialize in medical insurance for Connecticut and want to make finding and comparing plans easy for you. We can answer your questions about Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Celtic, Cigna, Connecticare, Golden Rule, HealthyCT and any other company offering individual or private health insurance in Connecticut.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance questions?  Call me, I specialize in health insurance and can give you quotes from every Connecticut health insurance company.

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