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The HUSKY health insurance program is designed for children only. However many people refer to the Charter Oak Program as the Adult HUSKY program.

The two programs are similar. They are both sponsored by the State of Connecticut. Neither is medically underwritten. This means that a medical condition will not keep you from qualifying.

Although there are many people who are well-served by a state- or government-sponsored insurance policy these programs have their limitations. The list of doctors who will accept payment through these programs is a fraction of the size of the list of doctors who are willing to accept payment from private insurance plans.

Also, the lifetime limits may be less than what a private insurance policy would pay.

You may also find that particularly at younger ages, a private Aetna, Blue Cross or Connecticare health insurance policy may be less expensive than a Charter Oak Health Plan.

To learn more about individual or family private health insurance plans available in Connecticut, you can request quotes from this website or call us at 203-374-3645 or (Connecticut only) 1-800-INSURANce.

To learn more about HUSKY you can visit the HUSKY website.

To learn more about the Charter Oak plan, please visit the Charter Oak Health Plan website.

Neither HUSKY nor the Charter Oak Plan is exclusively low income medical insurance. The HUSKY plan is less expensive for families with lower incomes, but those with higher incomes can apply. Income affects the deductible, but not the price of the Charter Oak Health plan.

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