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I've been a health insurance agent since 1985. I can help you find  affordable temporary health insurance as well as permanent medical insurance in Connecticut. 

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If you are looking for answers regarding temporary or short-term health insurance in Connecticut, call or email me.   

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COBRA insurance or Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance questions?  Call me, I specialize in health insurance and can give you quotes from every Connecticut health insurance company.

Temporary Medical Insurance Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros and Cons of affordable Short-Term health insurance policies.

 Temporary medical insurance is designed for those who have short-term needs.  The temporarily unemployed who expect to get medical coverage at their next job fit into this category.  Newly graduated students who can no longer be covered by mom and dad's policy often find that a short-term policy is the answer that will cover them until they can get their career started.  

The biggest difference is that the temporary plans usually cannot be renewed beyond six months or a year from the effective date. 

Temporary Health Insurance Plans what is good about them: 

  1. Short-term medical coverage is usually much less expensive. It's often half the price of a permanent plan with a similar deductible.

  2. Many short-term medical insurance plans will cover you as of the day after you complete their application. 

  3. If you have a pre-existing condition, you are more likely to be accepted for a short-term plan than for a permanent plan.  However, although you may be covered for other expenses, treatment for the pre-existing condition will probably not be covered.


  1. Pre-existing conditions will probably not be covered.  Most policies will indicate that it will not pay for treatment for any condition that you have had treatment for in the recent past. 

  2. Short-term policies cannot be renewed beyond a certain point.  Often six months is the limit.  Although, some plans allow you to reapply, there is no guaranteeing that you will medically qualify for the second temporary policy.

  3. Short-term policies may not be considered "creditable coverage."  This can affect how pre-existing conditions are covered by your next policy.   

Often the clients who come to me looking for these types of plans have just left their job and their former employer's COBRA option is not affordable.  Since they are often unemployed or under employed, the lowest cost medical insurance option is all they can afford.  However, I always make them aware of the limitations of temporary health insurance plans so that they can make an informed decision.  

My biggest fear is that a client will purchase a short-term plan and develop a serious condition during shortly after their coverage goes into effect.  If this is not a pre-existing condition, the policy should cover the expenses during the term of the policy.  However after the policy expires (usually six months or less), the client may not medically qualify for another plan.

We work with several companies that offer short-term health insurance.  These companies include Celtic, John Alden, Fortis, Assurant and Golden Rule.  We can help you find the good coverage with a low premium.